YAML is a human friendly data serialization standard for all proramming languages

YAML is extremely simple to learn. The basics are extraordinarily simple. You may even find that you have unintentionally used YAML syntax when building lists or simple file formats.

It also helps if you have experience with any agile language (such as Ruby, Python, Perl or PHP). YAML was designed to suit these languages well and borrows a few basic ideas from them.

For an example of YAML, and links to all sorts of related information, see http://yaml.org. For more invormation on this Codeplex project, see http://yaml.codeplex.com.


Can You Learn YAML in Five Minutes?

This tutorial, is originally from yaml.kwiki.org, gives you a brief introduction to YAML, and takes most people less than 5 minutes to complete. Its been cached here since the other site isn't always available.

And look at the clock before you start. Jot the time down and we'll see how fast you are.

Click to begin: MinuteOne

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