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December 13, 2009
Three's a new download available of the 0.5 version of the Yaml Language Package. See the Download link to the right.
  • Yaml 1.2 compliance
  • Better error checking and reporting
  • Based on the Microsoft.NET Dynamic Language Runtime.
If you download and install this, please leave a reply on Beta editor feedback telling me how it went.

P.S. For those few of you who jumpped in and downloaded yesterday's upload (0.5.1212.0), please pick up a new copy with version (0.5.12130.0) to get some minor highlighting and colorization fixes.

January 19, 2009
Access to has been down for a long time. I used the wayback machine to retrieve a copy of Yaml in 5 Minutes and post it here. Its my favorite introduction to YAML.

New Year's 2009

Happy New Year! The first bits are now in beta. The first thing ready for use is a YAML editor, based on Visual Studio. Features include syntax-driven highlighting, dynamic error checking, and brace matching.



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